The Glock 44 Review

The Glock 44 is the newest pistol in the Glock collection. The announcement of this gun’s release has been met with much excitement. The 44 is one of the most anticipated firearms of 2020.

The Glock 44 comes with one of the most popular cartridge: the .22 LR. The 44 has a very similar look and design to the Glock 9 mm Gen.5 model.

The Glock 44 has a delicate hybrid steel-polymer slide designed to adapt to the hands of different users. This gun comes with backstraps. The Glock rimfire handgun is also similar to the famous Glock 19 series. The Glock 44 comes with a 4.2-inch barrel. This gun also comes with 7.28-inches in length. This gun also comes with a 9mm mid-size.

The Glock 44 is a semi-automatic pistol available in excellent black matte finishes. This gun has safety action and three separate automatic safeties. The 44 is just as impressive as any other product from the Glock series.

The Glock 44 is widely available for sale; to purchase one, all you need to do is search  the internet for gun shops near me. One of the best stores to find 44 and other guns in the Glock series at great prices is Buds Gun Shop. At this store, you can buy a Glock 44 for $385.00 at a discount. The retail price of this firearm is around $396.55.

Buds Gun Shop was launched in 2003. and has hundreds of impressive products for sale. This store has the experience of serving thousands of customers. Although Buds Gun Shop has an online platform, this shop also has brick and mortar outlets located in Lexington, Kentucky, and Sevierville, Tennessee.

Customers can purchase firearms from many well-known brands via  Buds Gun Shop beside the Glock Series. Examples of some brands available at this store are Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Colt Defense, Heckler & Koch, and others. There is a long list of guns and other products you can buy at Buds Gun Shop. Examples of these products are gun safes, bullets, magazines, optics, handguns, holsters, and other accessories.

Buds Gun Shop offers different payment plans for customers. You can choose to either pay via a bank transfer, credit card, and by layaway.

One of the main attractions of buying from this store, besides their premium collection, is the quality of the service offered. You can ask Buds Gun Shop whatever questions you have and expect a timely response. This online store offers fast shipping for all orders. You can expect your orders to arrive in a timely. Buds Gun Shop offers free shipping for almost all domestic deliveries.

Buds Gun Shop operates legally, and everything is done according to the book. This shop requires that every order shipped must be sent to a Federal Firearm License Holder before the order is transferred to the buyer. It is customary for Buds Gun Shop to carry out a background check on the buyer before the weapons are transferred. Buds Gun Shop is suitable for people with 15,000 FFL license holders.

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